In September, 2010 I was diagnosed with stage IIIc ovarian cancer.  I was 24 years old and a medical student.  You can read the story of my diagnosis here. I had a full hysterectomy and underwent 18 weeks of chemotherapy; a combination of carboplatin, taxol and avastin.

This is my collective coping with cancer blog.  I’ll be funny, keep anyone who’s interested updated and generally tell cancer to fuck off.  Guest posts, comments and funny youtube videos welcome.

If you want to contact me, you can email me at thezebrachronicles@gmail.com and ask me whatever you want to.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. liza October 17, 2010 at 1:25 pm #

    C & B-
    Just got off the phone w/ “Gamma” who sends all her love. She has been trying to get in touch, is loving you both and holding you close in her heart! She would like to send Colleen a book and needs an address to send it to.

    I too am thinking about you all day! Can’t wait to see the backside of this chapter in your life! I had been thinking more about this stage of your life as the work of making of “Dr Kerrigan”, (and a women Dr. to boot! you go girl!-you always have!) rather than Doctors working on making Dr Kerrigan okay.

    When trying to wrap my brain around all of this, I keep looping through questions in my head. How is it that YOU are the zebra ? Where in the world did this come from? How could this happen to the bright shining star that you are? That doesn’t line up!
    ( Worst of all…Is there some terrible Kerrigan gene hoisted upon you? Did my biology do this to you?)

    I know there’s no answers….just biology (oops-perhaps in the presence of a doctor I shouldn’t say “just” biology)…..It’s difficult to separate out you, as a furious pace of cells dividing and multiplying, and “oops”, some cells carelessly slipping up in their mutation, from what I feel for you. Don’t those cells know it is you? Don’t they realize the miracle of a women you are and how they have to take care to do their job right!?
    What is going on in there? Pay attention to your host for god sake!!

    I think these things because of course, beyond biology there’s attachment. I hold you near in my heart especially because I cannot be close to you. That connection has me envisioning you right now as the little 5 year old girl w/ a smile on her face, who bravely stood among all the adults at a backyard, summer croquet game and insisted,-absolutely mallet throwing foot stomping insistence!!!!- that no one help. At 5 you were brave enough, smart enough, and curious enough to learn this game yourself. You were smiling, up for the challenge, un-intimitdated by giants around you. You knew could do it!!! And you did! And so, with this, you shall!!!
    xxxxoooo Liza

  2. Lu March 5, 2011 at 11:32 pm #

    Zebra–love the blog-name. Courage, sis, my demons were ovarian and uterine cancer–2007, and I’m e-mailing you now.

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