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What Would Jens Voigt Do?

19 Jul

I went for a little 25 mile ride today…it looked kind of like this:

don't worry, those are only "category 5" climbs

I did 45 miles this past Sunday and will do another 35 on Thursday, but this was kind of hot and kind of hard, so since I haven’t written in a while I thought I’d bore you to death with what preoccupies me these days since my CT scans are clean and my CA-125 is 3.

Stage 1: Driving home to take a bike ride

– Yeah! Going for a bike ride!  Love riding my bike! Woooh!

Stage 2: Getting ready

– Did I forget helmet? Water? Fig Newtons? Gloves? Sunglasses? Sunblock? Oooh, I really need to clean this bike….

– Put air in tires which, despite it never having happened, always makes me think they’ll burst into a billion pieces of horrible shrapnel so I make wincing faces each time I push the pump down

Stage 3: Warm-up

– Wow.  I’ve done this before?  It doesn’t feel like I’ve done this before – maybe something is wrong with the bike.  That must be it.  I’d better go home.

Stage 4: Climb 1

– Oh.  No.  I remember how to do this!  This feels good.  Yeah!  Imma crank right the hell up this hill.  Stupid hill!

Stage 5: Climb 2

– Ow.  I have a splinter.  I’d better go home.

– Stop on hill (dumbest idea ever)…get eaten by mosquitoes….have to try three times to restart because stupid hill is so steep I can’t get going properly….nearly ditch bike in neighboring ravine

– Pass scene of car accident…frantically weave to avoid shattered glass

***Keep in mind I’m also self narrating my entire ride in the voices of the announcers for the Tour de France.  So two older British dudes in my head are saying things like “Awh, what is rider Kerrigan fussing with now?  Is that?  Is that a bit of a splinter in her right hand?  Oh – she JUST missed that pile of windshield on the course!”****

Stage 6: Descent

– Yee-haw!  42.5 mph! Beautiful scenery flying by!  Feeling like a champion!

Stage 7: Climb 3

– Get yelled at by strangers out their car windows (why is this ever ok? because it’s always a good idea to alarm a cyclist you are speeding by…)

– Get fooled by slight plateau mid-climb and start bolting up hill…toast at top

Stage 8: Climb 4

– Feeling pretty fast after little mini descent, crank away up the last hill, fantasize that I’m in the Tour de France and pretend to grimace like Jens Voigt

Finish:  Sweaty, hot, DIRTY and totally smugly pleased with self.  Then nearly dump the bike in the driveway because I’m so self congratulatory I forget to unclip and lean the wrong way.  Save at last minute.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m feeling really good these days.  There’s lots of things that fill up my days and my mind, but a lot of the time it’s not cancer – so I haven’t written in a while.  I go back up to medical school in 2 weeks.  I have a new place to live that I really like.  I worry about things like money and boys and work and what color to put on my toenails…not cancer.  I go to the beach.  I fanatically follow the Tour de France.  I’m reading James Joyce and coveting a mountain bike.  I’m considering dyeing my hair platinum and weighing potential locations for my next tattoo.  I really love the BBC’s remake of Sherlock Holmes.

These are the things on my mind now.  So yeah.  This blog’s about to get real boring folks!  In all honesty, I’m probably going to hang up my blogging spurs.  Maybe I’ll press on, we’ll see.  It’s been fun.  Today seems like a good day to officially take a hiatus – it was my last day at my chemo ward.  From here on out, I’ll be continuing my care up in VT.  Not going to lie, I got a little verklempt at the office today, but I know I’m not rid of them yet – they are my people.  The people who saved my life.  And now, my life (my LIFE) is moving forward and I’m a negligent blogger anyhow.

Don’t worry, I’ll play myself out.

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