Well, hi there!

29 May

Oh, poor bloggy.  Poor sweet bloggy.  Just wasting away in cyberspace, waiting for some sweet administrator to come along and update you.

Well, I’m here, baby.

What’s new.  Well, no.  I take that back.  Let’s not talk about what’s new just now.  Let’s talk about some old stuff.

First of all, my sexy, sexy bike.  I didn’t make the big girl leap to a carbon frame (I just didn’t have the dollars) but I did buy myself a Specialized Dolce Comp with external crankset, full 105 group, carbon inserts (zertz) and a pair of beautiful boa system shoes to match.  I love love love my new wheels.  I’ve even going to super cool kid bike camp next weekend.  It’s a 3 day clinic where they’ll teach me how to shift, descend, lean, counter-steer, ride in a group and basically not get hit by a car.  I’m really excited to learn a whole bunch of stuff/drink tons of delicious beer in the Pioneer Valley.

That said.  Cycling…it just ain’t what it used to be.  I know you’ve heard it here before, but I used to crank right on up these huge East Haddam hills.  It was an easy ride to head up Mt. Parnassus before.  You catch that? MT. Parnassus?  As is in MOUNTAIN.  And yeah, that was a standard ride.  My legs are spent after a relatively easy 26 mile loop on the flat CT shoreline these days but I’m working on it.  In fact, I’ve got myself one of them newfangled personal trainers.  Yep.  I’ve been working twice a week with a FANTASTIC trainer who is really helping me focus on my goals.  Swear to god I can literally feel the new muscle exploding when I work with her.  Our goal this week, 25 wall-balls, 25 push-ups, 25 smith squats, 25 crunches…x4.  Yay!

Ms. Patsy Cline is getting huge.  We started obedience classes and the wonderful people who run the class seem to think that she is an Australian Cattle/Rottweiler mix.  Hello! The AC was obvious, but half Rotti?  Can you say 150 pound dog?  We’ll see what happens, but my little girl is getting huger and huger by the second.  Yikes.  Hopefully she’ll still want to catch a frisbee for me.  Homegirl needs a hobby.

who, me?

penny says, "when can we bring her back to the pound?"

patsy says "whatever, penny. you love me. move over."


My little sister turned 20 (!!!) and my Grandpa turned 80 (!!!!)  Woah.  Check out some photographic evidence.

me & baby sis


me + army brother

ALL the cousins

whatevs, we ALL bald

So yes, things are moving right along here.  I already feel like the summer (which hasn’t even technically started) is flying by.  I’m looking for apartments in Burlington and just know I’ll be back in med school before I know it.  Until then, I’ll spend my nights either soaking my feet, drinking red wine and watching Mad Men or painting the town red in Middletown, CT with the best friends a gal could ask for (you know who you are).

My CA-125 is down to 3…I have a CT scan in a couple of weeks…but honestly, at this point, I don’t think too much about my cancer recurring.  I’m taking care of myself, I’m living my life, I’m muddling through.  Sometimes, even in the happiest of times, I feel a little bit like I’m living with a noose around my neck, but it sure doesn’t make it chafe less to preoccupy about it.  I’m undeniably acutely aware of my circumstances, but I’m looking forward.  Looking forward with hope and grit in my heart.  Such is the human condition, no?

I PROMISE to update more frequently.  I miss you bloggy.  Things just all of a sudden got real busy around here.  That’s no excuse though. I like it here.  You’ll be reading more of me.

On that note.  I’m currently listening to this song and loving it, so enjoy…because why deny the obvious, child?



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